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Cha Cha On The ROck

Dance video! Cha cha on Santana’s Smooth.

I’ve been wanting to do something based on this new hobby I picked up for a while. My teachers Myriam and Philip agreed to let me film a cha cha they danced as reference. Many thanks to them.

If you’re living in Montreal and looking for a place to learn dancing you’re welcome to try it out at Studio 2720.

Modeled with Maya, Marvelous Designer and a bit of Zbrush. Textured with Redshift Materials with some painting done in MARI. Rigged and animated in Maya. Cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer. Hair using Maya’s xgen. Rendering using Redshift.

Stress Test for Muscle and Cloth Dynamics.

A cartwheel to stress test those muscles and cloth dynamics.

It was worth the learning experience either way, but now I really have to ask myself if it’s worth the extra hassle to implement those systems in future characters or not.

On one hand it has a unique look I don’t see much around… On the other it slows down the process to a crawl to deal with all the quirks. Which is probably the reason for the former.