Cha Cha On The Rock

A Cha Cha danced on Santana’s Smooth.

Modeled with Maya, Marvelous Designer and a bit of Zbrush. Textured with Redshift Materials with some painting done in MARI. Rigged and animated in Maya. Cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer. Hair using Maya’s xgen. Rendering using Redshift.

Weiss Concert – This Life is Mine

The full version of This Life is Mine. The model is modified version of Noe’s rig. Dress modeled and animated with Marvelous Designer. Hair setup with xgen in Maya.


Short Animation featuring a mech. Done in Maya. Rendered in Redshift.

Quadruped Demo

The results of my practice with quadrupeds.

I had originally intended to make Noe ride the panther all the way, however I realised it drew my eyes away from the quadruped, which kind of defeats the purposes behind the demo.

Animated in maya.

Fishpants – 2017 Demo – A Storm in a Teacup

Here is my 2017 Demo

Noe and John ducking it out in this fighting game parody. I used Maya, Zbrush, Mari and the Adobe Suite.

Fishpants – 2017 Demo Teaser

Here is a quick teaser for my 2017 Demo

Short scene in which I tested out my two new character rigs together. I used Maya, Zbrush, Mari and the Adobe Suite. I went for a more cartoony feel this time, which put less stress on my PC and let me focus more on the animation

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