Demo Reel: Noe Rig

Here it is, my first Demo Reel, featuring Noe’s Rig 1.0.

Noe’s the protagonist of the Procella universe I’m working on, you can find more about her in the Procella tab.

This rig is built in maya 2015, with some work on zbrush for the textures and retopology. It comes in 3 costumes that you can see in the Inside Maya video available in the Portfolio section. Each are low in polygons, here are the polycounts for those featured in the video:

Swimsuit: 4590 faces (9180 tris)

Casual: 3966 faces (7932 tris)

The difference is mainly due to the mesh of the feet.

The hair as mentionned in earlier posts is made using maya nhair, although the rig also possess polygon and haircards type of hair. I simply have a preference towards the nhair looks and movements. Although I was told hair cards have better performance in game engines, the difference after tweeking light and render settings in maya was reasonable (average of 10% increase in render time).

The video also feature the Snipear, a very simple weapon rig I made as I was learning rigging.

I will definitely keep improving this character and the world around her as I learn more.

I’d like to thank Bianca Basso for her voice and her help testing the rig and Martin Saint for his music. Please check them out on their websites:

Bianca Basso

Martin Saint

I’ll be working on the Fishpants featured in the Procella tab next. New concept art, then modeling and rigging.