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Stress Test for Muscle and Cloth Dynamics.

A cartwheel to stress test those muscles and cloth dynamics.

It was worth the learning experience either way, but now I really have to ask myself if it’s worth the extra hassle to implement those systems in future characters or not.

On one hand it has a unique look I don’t see much around… On the other it slows down the process to a crawl to deal with all the quirks. Which is probably the reason for the former.

Muscle System Experimentation

Testing out the muscle system I build for my new character.

I might have to keep that pec in check, but I think it’s good enough for me to rig the face without fearing I’ll have to scrap the whole thing and start over.

Funny thing, I did the lower half just for practice for future characters, but I’ve found it actually gives good deformation for the hips area more efficiently then having to go in and scuplt corrective blendshapes. I guess you could arguee it’s just one very complex corrective blendshape…

Yes. He’ll be wearing pants at some point.


Weiss Concert – Entrance

I loved This Life Is Mine from RWBY and really wished I’d gotten to see the full Weiss Concert. Of course nothing stops me from using learning hair and cloth dynamics as an excuse to work on it right?

Here’s a proof of concept I did to check if my RIG, cloth and hair setup worked and how heavy the renders are on my PC. As it took 3 days for my PC to render those 20 seconds, I’m pretty far away from the full 5 min song, however the setup does hold up pretty well. Much better than my previous attempts with xgen hair in any case. Learning to sew Weiss’ dress in Marvelous Designer was a nice candy bonus.

Anyhow, let me know what you think.